RepearExplorer: discover repeats in your next generation sequencing data

RepeatExplorer includes utilities for Graph-based clustering and characterization of repetitive sequences in next-generation sequencing data and tools for the detection of transposable element protein coding domains.

The user of Galaxy based RepeatExplorer is obliged to use the following acknowledgement formula in all your publications created with the support of RepeatExplorer: Computational resources were provided by the ELIXIR-CZ project (LM2015047), part of the international ELIXIR infrastructure.

If you need help with RepeatExplorer or you want to report a problem and our wiki is not able to give you answers, please contact server administrator.

Elixir Czech Repuplic logo RepeatExplorer tools are developed and maintained by the Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics, Institute of Plant Molecular Biology, Biology Centre AS CR, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.
Galaxy portal is provided within Elixir CZ project. Galaxy server is maintained by CESNET and CERIT-SC that are participants of this project.